The Stone from the Sky

Adventure Log

The players started their adventure in the town of Loudwater, in the Gray Vale. They all made their way here for various reasons, and were able to settle in, explore the town, and interact with residents before things started to turn ugly. They learned that a meteor had recently crashed into the mountains to the north, that a violent goblin tribe, defeated 50 years ago, may be reorganizing nearby, and that the local temperature has dropped to unnatural and potentially dangerous levels.

The party decided that they wanted to know more about the recent meteor strike, as the townsfolk seemed quite fearful of it, viewing it as an evil omen. So they confronted Garwan, a shop-owner and collector of strange items. He was, however, reluctant to say anything about the meteor, and rebuffed any attempts to persuade or intimidate him into doing so.

The party decided that interrogating Garwan was a futile effort for the time being, and decided to see if there was anyone else who could help. While they were attempting to gather information at a local tavern, a group of goblins blew a hole in the town wall and started to attack the townspeople. The adventurers, skilled and well-rested, were able to fend off this attack quite easily, earning the praise of Loudwater’s citizens. While looting the freshly-made corpses, a scroll was found, written in Goblin.

Deciding to leave the post battle clean-up to the town guard, the adventurers celebrated their victory back at the tavern. After a few drinks, Garwan pulled them aside and asked them to come back to his shop the next day. The party accepted his invitation and learned that he did, in fact, have a piece of the meteorite. Garwan explained to the party how he had become fearful of the meteorite shard, but even more of tossing it aside so that it could haunt someone else. Garwan offered the party a deal: Retrieve a staff from a nearby keep that belonged to Garwan’s lost friend, and Garwan would give them the meteorite shard in exchange for it.

Garwan told the party that the staff is located in a old keep about 50 miles north at the foot of the Star Mounts. Before they departed, the party decided to take the goblin note to Curuvar so he could translate it. Curuvar told them that the note stated that a piece of the meteor was in Garwan’s possession and that the goblins wanted it in order to resurrect the “Goblin King.”

The adventurers set off across the Grayflow River and into the forest south of the Star Mounts. As they made their way to the keep, they were hunted by a pack of wolves. Realizing that the distant howls were coming closer and more frequent, the party decided to make camp and build a fire to protect themselves. That night a group of wolves attacked and the party was able to fight them off, using the fire effectively.

After a second, relatively uneventful day of travel, the party reached the keep and found it to be in ruins. After a cursory search, they discovered it inhabited by strange, froglike humanoids known as bullywugs. The party decided to charge in the front door and battle the frogmen head-to-head. A tough skirmish ensued, resulting in the death of the frogmen. Victory came at a price though, as Landin was stabbed in the chest by a spear-wielding bullywug, and fell unconscious..


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