The Stone from the Sky

The Search for the Staff

While Robby attempted to administer first aid to the fallen drow, the dragonborn warrior decided to search the rest of the keep for the staff. After several hours, Landin was conscious and recovering, and a trap door had been found. The group decided that it would be wise to barricade the trap door so they could rest in relative peace, and did so with some nearby pieces of rubble.

The night went by without incident, and with Landin recovered, the party opened the trap door and ventured downwards. After descending several hundred feet down a winding stone stairwell, the party came upon a study lit with a strange green fungus and inhabited by more frogmen, some wallowing in a large mud pool in the middle of the room. Robby used an ability taught to her when she was young to create an audible illusion of two people talking in the corner of the room. One of the frogmen went to the corner to investigate, but, upon searching the dark corner without finding the source of the noise and with no action by anyone in the party, quickly went back to his wallowing. Meanwhile, another of the frogmen hopped over to a nearby set of large, stone double-doors, and knocked three times. The group then decided to rush in and attempt to catch the frogmen off guard. With drow and dragonkin engaging in melee combat and the gnome firing blasts of energy from the safety of the stairs, the frogmen were abruptly dispatched.

Wanting to repeat their recent successful strategy, the party opened the double doors and rushed through, only to realize their mistake in short order. Two giant bullfrogs and several more of the frogmen stood at the ready in a room that appeared to be a dining hall for some large-sized creatures.

A hard-fought battle ensued, with Landin and the dragon hacking away at the bullfrogs while simultaneously dodging fireballs that were being spit at them by a particularly nasty looking bullywug. The two warriors were able to kill most of the frogmen, but one fireball too many crashed down at their feet, and both fell to the flames. Once again, Robby proved the hero and shot the fire spitting bullywug down with a violent blast of energy.

The Drow and the Dragonborn proved resilient, as they eventually recovered from the flame blasts and continued to search the basements of the keep. The party spotted a large stone door on one end of the room in which they battled the giant frogs, and it took all their might to shove it open.

The door opened into a room that contained a large mud pit at it’s center. In the mud pit stood a statue of a 7-and-a-half-foot tall human holding onto a large stone staff. After closer inspection, Robby was able to recognize some of the runes marked on the staff, and figured out that in order to activate the staff, one would have to hold it by placing his or her hands onto two specific runes. She could also tell that the statue’s hands were not on the correct runes. When the staff was finally activated, the keep began to shake and the mud throughout the keep began to seep back into the ground. The large statue began to crack as it came to life.



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